Thursday, December 3, 2009

Assignments Left for the Semester

Art 223B: Lettering and Typography

  • Map Project (12/10)

  • Anything I need to redo (12/15)

Art 311: Foundations in Modern Art

  • Final Exam (12/16)

Art 480T: History of Computer Graphics

  • 2nd Midterm (12/03)

  • Poster Project (12/10)

Art 363A: Illustration

  • Christmas Greeting Card (12/4)

  • Character Design (12/11)

  • 10 myBook Assignments (12/11)

  • Any redo projects (12/11)

I can do it.. only two and a half weeks left!

Photography Update

Been doing a lot more photography lately. A lot of it is posted on my Flickr. Posted two pictures on the photography page. More to come. I'm also still going through vacation pictures from this past summer. I have 2000+ to go through from my brother's camera. Still haven't taken a look at the pictures my dad and I took. There is WAY more. We can't help being Asian. haha.

Finals week is this week. After that, I will have more time to focus on getting back into web design.. and adding more artwork to my portfolio. Also going to work on finding a host.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Link of the Week: Norton Simon Museum

Link: NortonSimon.Org

Just went to this art museum in Pasadena, CA this weekend. I think its a pretty nice art museum. I really like the Degas paintings and bronze sculptures this museum has.

Artist Update

Decided during break, I'll be doing face studies both in drawing and painting. I didn't realize how much trouble I have in that area until my Illustration class. Not to mention that I feel really out of practice with rendering realistically.

I feel done with school. It might just be the senioritis or something. But I've been done with this semester for probably the last month. At least. Haha. Very bad. Trying to focus on my school work.

Signed up for next semester's classes. Taking: Computer Assisted Graphics, Typography into Graphic Design, Art and Child Development, and Creative Photography. It must suck for freshmen. I mean, the class times just all suck. But I don't know if its just because I have specific classes I need to take but it was a bit difficult trying to figure out a schedule. Basically four days a week, I'll be going from 1PM-9:45PM. =/ Doesn't help with the loads of classes being cut. But hey... as long as they don't cut my classes a week before the semester starts like they did for this semester... I'll be fine.

Its crazy. I decided to go through my Titan Audit (basically a list of what I've taken and what I still need to take) and if I did everything correctly, I only have 8 classes left after the a 2010 semester! WOW. It's all so soon! I feel scared. LOL. And unprepared. I don't even have a portfolio ready or anything! Another thing I gotta get crackin' on during break.

There's just not enough time.... and it seems like time is speeding up again... like someone decided to kick it up a notch. Is that just temporary? Or is life just going to move a lot faster after now? I hope not. I already feel so limited as it is.

I just turned 21 last Tuesday. YAY! Except... I still feel like I'm 17. Since then, I've only felt a glimpse of my age when I went out for a celebratory dinner with my friends and we ordered a bottle of wine (Beringer White Zinfandel) with our fondue dinner. Of course, I kept the bottle. I come home with it, and my mom goes "You know I don't like you drinking when I'm not around." What? I thought that only was because I was underage before?! No wonder I don't feel my age.

This week's work: Historical/Social/Political event project (Lettering and Typography), Caricature (Illustration), One page write up (History of Graphic Design), Extra Credit Museum Paper (Foundations in Modern Art)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Link of the Week: Melinda Boyce

Link: MelindaBoyce.Com

Melinda Tracy Boyce is an aspiring graphic novelist and is currently trying to get her daily diary comics published....

I've caught a bunch of her little autobiographical comics from EatSleepDraw. They're pretty funny.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Really Shouldn't Be Updating the Website Right Now.

But I am. =) Basically set everything up. Now, the next step is to take better pictures with my camera. I have pretty shitacular pictures of my artwork on my other art blog, [art]Work in Progress.

Link of the Week: EatSleepDraw

Link: EatSleepDraw

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Past Updates

10/22/09- Working on moving this website to Yola since Geocities will be closing next Monday. I’m sad to see it go. But its off to Yolafor now… until I can find a decent place that’ll let me fully use HTML for free. Yola’s pretty cool for a site builder site though. Very easy to use.

09/20/09- Art Deviant. Blog I made for my Illustration class. I think I’m supposed to keep it updated regularly with that I do in class.

06/11/09- Seems like I will be able to get at least the new layout up. =) That’ll be up soon.

06/11/09- I was expecting to finish revamping by the time I go on vacation but looks like that’s not happening since I leave for Europe in 2 days! Especially since all my stuff is so unorganized. =/ I’ll try and work on most of it so that I can at least have the new stuff up. But doesn’t look very good to be honest.

05/18/09- Finally starting to put my portfolio together. Going to update this site. I am very excited for this summer. Going to crank out a few pieces before going to Europe!! Need to convince my brother to let me borrow his camera though to take pics of my work.

04/26/09 - So, Geocities just announced this month that they will be closing their services later this year. BOO! Since I have multiple accounts on there. AND I have no idea where to go from there since I wasn’t a big fan of lycos, angelfire, or tripod. I’m sure I’ll find somewhere else to start doing my portfolio. My dad’s friend wants me to design a webpage for her store. So, hopefully if the time aligns right, I’ll be able to do it. I need the experience and money. Right now I’m trying to focus on all my art projects and redoing them (which will make it on here eventually! I also need to start finding a new free website host that I can upload to).

01/17/09 - Found a pic of some sketches I had to do for cell bio in high school. Post ‘em later.

01/16/09 - Now updates are via Tumblr! Not that that makes much difference. Haha.

11/30/08- New layout up again. Added photography page (2 pics). Updated drawings page (1 drawing), added some links.

11/12/08- New layout up. Content coming soon!

10/23/08- Site Re-opened! New layout. Not much content up.