Monday, October 26, 2009

I Really Shouldn't Be Updating the Website Right Now.

But I am. =) Basically set everything up. Now, the next step is to take better pictures with my camera. I have pretty shitacular pictures of my artwork on my other art blog, [art]Work in Progress.

Link of the Week: EatSleepDraw

Link: EatSleepDraw

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Past Updates

10/22/09- Working on moving this website to Yola since Geocities will be closing next Monday. I’m sad to see it go. But its off to Yolafor now… until I can find a decent place that’ll let me fully use HTML for free. Yola’s pretty cool for a site builder site though. Very easy to use.

09/20/09- Art Deviant. Blog I made for my Illustration class. I think I’m supposed to keep it updated regularly with that I do in class.

06/11/09- Seems like I will be able to get at least the new layout up. =) That’ll be up soon.

06/11/09- I was expecting to finish revamping by the time I go on vacation but looks like that’s not happening since I leave for Europe in 2 days! Especially since all my stuff is so unorganized. =/ I’ll try and work on most of it so that I can at least have the new stuff up. But doesn’t look very good to be honest.

05/18/09- Finally starting to put my portfolio together. Going to update this site. I am very excited for this summer. Going to crank out a few pieces before going to Europe!! Need to convince my brother to let me borrow his camera though to take pics of my work.

04/26/09 - So, Geocities just announced this month that they will be closing their services later this year. BOO! Since I have multiple accounts on there. AND I have no idea where to go from there since I wasn’t a big fan of lycos, angelfire, or tripod. I’m sure I’ll find somewhere else to start doing my portfolio. My dad’s friend wants me to design a webpage for her store. So, hopefully if the time aligns right, I’ll be able to do it. I need the experience and money. Right now I’m trying to focus on all my art projects and redoing them (which will make it on here eventually! I also need to start finding a new free website host that I can upload to).

01/17/09 - Found a pic of some sketches I had to do for cell bio in high school. Post ‘em later.

01/16/09 - Now updates are via Tumblr! Not that that makes much difference. Haha.

11/30/08- New layout up again. Added photography page (2 pics). Updated drawings page (1 drawing), added some links.

11/12/08- New layout up. Content coming soon!

10/23/08- Site Re-opened! New layout. Not much content up.