Thursday, December 3, 2009

Assignments Left for the Semester

Art 223B: Lettering and Typography

  • Map Project (12/10)

  • Anything I need to redo (12/15)

Art 311: Foundations in Modern Art

  • Final Exam (12/16)

Art 480T: History of Computer Graphics

  • 2nd Midterm (12/03)

  • Poster Project (12/10)

Art 363A: Illustration

  • Christmas Greeting Card (12/4)

  • Character Design (12/11)

  • 10 myBook Assignments (12/11)

  • Any redo projects (12/11)

I can do it.. only two and a half weeks left!

Photography Update

Been doing a lot more photography lately. A lot of it is posted on my Flickr. Posted two pictures on the photography page. More to come. I'm also still going through vacation pictures from this past summer. I have 2000+ to go through from my brother's camera. Still haven't taken a look at the pictures my dad and I took. There is WAY more. We can't help being Asian. haha.

Finals week is this week. After that, I will have more time to focus on getting back into web design.. and adding more artwork to my portfolio. Also going to work on finding a host.