Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Portraits

After finishing final projects last semester, I was working on portraits of the wedding party for my cousin's wedding. They came out pretty well I think. Especially since I hadn't drawn in a while. Something I intend to get back into.

Photo courtesy of Justin Sun.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Straight A's!!!

Finally, after nine semesters at Cal State Fullerton, I've finally reached my goal of getting straight A's! YAY! You don't know how happy that makes me. I know, once I get out there, it's not going to matter that I got straight A's.. it's all going to count on my portfolio but I'm so happy because I put so much effort into this semester and it shows in my grades. =) I mean, it's not a 4.0 since I have two A-'s but I am still extremely happy! =D

Here's to another great semester in 2011.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Society of Illustrators Competition

Link: Society of Illustrators, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles

Well, I may have missed the Society of Illustrators LA competition but not the one in NY! =) Actually, for that one, my school has to submit it as a group. My professor wants to submit the mosaic I made (it's a gift for someone so I'll post it after I send it to them). I'm so excited to enter it in! I need to think of a name for it though. I might just leave it as the person's first name... although, that seems a little drab to me.