Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Heading to Phoenix tonight! I'm volunteering at the AIGA's Pivot Design Conference this week! So excited and nervous!

The Princess Bride

Created a new book cover for "The Princess Bride." And from the book cover, created a promotional package including: table tent standee, three bookmarks, three buttons, and a coffee sleeve.

The idea behind my book was to capture the more mysterious side of the book. I decided to use the six-fingered man as my inspiration for this as Inigo Montoya spends the whole book trying to look for this man who he can only remember as having six fingers.

More Magazine Ads!

Just designed two more magazine ads which will be featured in three magazines.

THE Magazine
Luxe Magazine
Arroyo Magazine

So excited! =)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kinetic Type

Here's a video of the latest project from my entertainment graphics class. I think it turned out pretty great for being my first time. I know it could still use a lot of work though.

The objective was to animate a quote from a movie and have the animation coincide with the tone of the speaker as well as the style of the movie. Of course, I make things difficult and pick Suckerpunch.

My main focus was to capture the style of the movie which I (and my professor agrees) that I did with my font and color choices. The animating of the words was the next focus which for the most part, I'm happy with. I didn't realize how much I forgot about Flash!

Things I could fix: animate the building up of the grunge textures on the font. Shifting camera angles so that not all the text is always showing up. And possibly a change in color/background, etc.

Without further ado...