Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PCC: CD Packaging Comps

Created a new CD package for the Gym Class Heroes CD Papercut Chronicles. This is the second comp that I created. I intend to make one more comp at the very least and eventually turn it into a dual CD package for their recently released CD, The Papercut Chronicles 2 (Out now at stores and on iTunes! Go get it!)

This project was very different in the way that I designed it because the majority of the package was designed without a computer. I used spray paint and created my own stencils. The only time I used the computer was to print the track listing and the photography (which also happen to be my own photography) on top of the spray paint.

Using something other than the computer as a means of design was definitely fun and changed the aesthetics of how my design turned out. It's something I've been kind of experimenting with this semester on a few projects. Makes me kind of wish I had been experimenting like this before. Now, the trick will be to create a happy medium between design off and on the computer.

Using spray paint for the first time was a bit of a challenge as well. It was a weird sense of being able to control the substance but at the same time, I couldn't control it as well. Each comp I created turned out differently than the next. I didn't realize what a control freak I was... but then again, what graphic designer isn't?

Arroyo December 2011 Ad

Just found out recently that one of the magazines that my work advertises in also has an online version of the magazine! I don't remember if I was able to screen capture the ad from last month but here's the ad that ran in this month's issue! I'm planning to grab the magazines from work and photograph them either sometime this week or next week.

The ad I designed is the one on the left page.