Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Year Later....

Wow. Have things changed in the last year. Things have changed so much in my life since last November. Honestly, sometimes it feels like everything has changed but at the same time, nothing. Next week, will be exactly one year that my grandma has passed away. It's crazy to think that it's already been a whole year. I still miss her very much. What other big changes in the last year? Well, I finished school in December. What a big accomplishment. I mean, that was the one goal I've had my whole life since I was little and I actually accomplished it. I was in a bit of shock about that. And then, I started wondering.... what's next? What is my next goal in life? Where do I go from here? January was definitely a month of a lot of emotions dealing with the passing of my grandma and figuring out my next move. Which lead me to make the biggest change in the last year.... moving out of state. Yup. Never imagined that I would. But, yet here I am... 800 miles away in Denver!

Design and photography has been at a bit of a standstill. Sometimes Most of the time, I just feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. That and the lack of inspiration.  Not to mention the freelancing work I've been doing in my spare time for my old job back in California. But I'm planning on doing more design and photography work for myself. I also have another freelancing opportunity for my mom's employer for a bottle redesign. Things are looking up... But I just need to figure out how to manage my time better so I can start working on my personal design projects.

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